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Junior or Assistant Specialist (Ricardo-Gonzalez Lab)

Application Window

Open date: January 10, 2024

Most recent review date: Thursday, Feb 8, 2024 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
Applications received after this date will be reviewed by the search committee if the position has not yet been filled.

Final date: Thursday, Jul 10, 2025 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.

Position description

Junior or Assistant Specialist (Ricardo-Gonzalez Lab)

Department of Dermatology

Job Description
The Ricardo-Gonzalez Lab ( is a recently established immunology laboratory interested in understanding how tissue-resident immune cells influence tissue physiology and function. The research specialist will perform basic and translational research to investigate the role of innate and adaptive immune cells in tissue homeostasis and models of infection, inflammation, and cancer. We seek a specialist who will assist the team by performing laboratory and investigative procedures using a wide array of experimental techniques such as flow cytometry, immunofluorescence imaging, PCR, cell culture (cell lines and primary cells), plasmid prep and purification, molecular cloning, and ELISA-like assays. Translational research components will involve experiments with human blood and tissue samples. Specialist responsibilities regarding mouse model systems will include breeding, screening, and immunizing mice as well as dissecting tissues to obtain cells for culture and analysis of gene expression.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Willingness and ability to learn new methods and skills as needed for changing research priorities.
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a research team.
  • Must be organized and have the ability to prioritize tasks, coordinate work tasks with others, and manage to meet multiple deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain a comprehensive laboratory notebook of experiments done on a daily basis.
  • Demonstration of accuracy and attention to detail in sample preparation during prior research experience is required.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, ability to consent and recruit patients for the studies.
  • Ability to use or learn to enter information into REDCap database.
  • Specialist appointed at the Junior rank must possess (or be in process of obtaining) a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent degree) in biology, biochemistry, or a related scientific discipline or four years of research experience.
  • Specialists appointed at the Assistant rank must possess (or be in process of obtaining) a master’s degree (or equivalent degree) in biology, biochemistry, or a related scientific discipline or a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry, or a related scientific discipline with three or more years of research experience.
  • Candidates must meet the requirements by the time of appointment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with mouse models of human disease
  • Experience with cell culture and sterile technique
  • Experience with infectious disease models in mice
  • Computational biology coursework and/or research experience
  • Flow Cytometry (FACS): Ability to perform multicolor flow cytometry.
  • Transgenic Mouse Work: Experience with experimental animal research. Comfort with handling, manipulating, euthanizing, and dissecting experimental animals.
  • Fluorescence Microscopy: Experience with sample preparation, immunofluorescence staining, and use of epifluorescence and confocal microscopes for image acquisition.
  • Communication, logistical, and time management skills to coordinate work with other lab members.

Licensure/Certification/Registration: None required.

Physical Requirements:

  • Good visual acuity and accurate color discrimination.
  • The position requires excellent manual dexterity and familiarity utilizing delicate instrumentation.
  • Occasionally lifts and/or carries objects weighing up to 20 pounds.
  • Work involves possible exposure to malodorous vapors, low dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemicals and acids and presence of carcinogenic substances.
  • Long periods of standing and/or sitting.

Please apply online at, and submit a CV, cover letter and 3 reference contacts.

See Table 24B for the salary range for this position. A reasonable estimate for this position is $51,300-$65,900.

Application Requirements

Document requirements
  • Curriculum Vitae - CV must clearly list current and/or pending qualifications (e.g. board eligibility/certification, medical licensure, etc.).

  • Cover Letter

  • Misc / Additional (Optional)

Reference requirements
  • 3 required (contact information only)

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Job location

San Francisco, CA