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Academic Administrator in Diabetes Center

We are no longer accepting applications for this recruitment


The Diabetes Center is seeking an Academic Administrator. The roles fulfilled by the candidate include - organizing and facilitating meetings between 5 or more different research groups in order to discuss the progress of collaborative projects, organizing and participating in regular conference calls (for e.g. on a monthly basis) between all the participants of the project, one-on-one interactions between different members of a research consortium, and organization of symposia that bring junior and senior researchers together for scientific exchange and project updates.

Required Qualifications:

• The candidate is required to have excellent organizational and project management skills, including greater than 5 years of coordinating a multi-PI, multi-institution, and multi-project effort on an international level.

• The candidate should demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills.

• Must have more than 5 years of experience in designing and writing grants, and must have received successful funding from agencies such as NIH/NIDDK (for e.g. R01 grants), and private foundations (such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Helmsley Charitable Trust, among others).

• The candidate must have excellent organizational skills in grant writing, and should demonstrate the ability to prepare complex funding applications.

• The candidate must have successfully collaborated with principle investigators to manage the timely submission of concise and comprehensive yearly progress reports for funding agencies.

• On the scientific aspect, at the time of hire, the candidate must have more than 10 years of experience in murine and human pancreas biology, including investigation of organ development, endocrine islet function, and disease modeling. Pancreas development experience must include an analysis of the specification, growth and expansion of endocrine beta cells.

• The candidate must have more than 10 years of experience in modeling diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) in mouse models, with a focus on beta cell identity and function.

• The candidate must have an in depth knowledge of regulatory mechanisms that affect beta cell fate.

• In addition, the candidate is required to have more than a decade of scientific publications in high impact peer-reviewed journals that reflect strong writing skills, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and the capacity to successfully publish.

• Specifically, the candidate must have have more than 10 years experience in mouse handling, mouse genetics, and generating specific knockout lines

• Additionally, the candidate must have more than 10 years experience in evaluating in vivo physiology including glucose tolerance tests, insulin tolerance tests, and in vivo insulin secretion analysis.

• The candidate must be skilled in intraperitoneal administration into mice, isolation of the pancreas from adult animals, and blood collection from test animals. With a focus on pancreas biology, the candidate must be skilled at embryonic dissections of pancreatic buds at all stages (from e10.5 to e18.5), conducting explant cultures of pancreatic buds including live imaging of explants using fluorescence microscopy, and isolating postnatal pancreatic tissue for histology.

• Further required skills include quantification of beta cell and endocrine mass in pancreata of transgenic mouse models, brightfield, confocal and time-lapse microscopy, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence of pancreatic tissue from mouse and human tissues, and in vitro insulin secretion assays from human and mouse isolated islets.

• The candidate is required to have more than 10 years experience in the following molecular biology techniques - Subcloning, semi-quantitative and Quantitative PCR (SYBR green and Taqman), genotyping from mouse tissue, western blot analysis, laser capture microdissection, and RNA-sequencing library preparation.

• Furthermore, the candidate is required to have greater than 15 years of experience in cell culture, transfection, immunostaining of cells, isolation of protein and RNA from cells, quantification of gene expression in cell lines, modulating gene expression using overexpression and knockdown systems (including shRNA and siRNA approaches) and generating luciferase labeled cell lines for quantification of insulin secretion from insulinoma cell lines.

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San Francisco, CA


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